The tropical rainforest is more than trees: There are millions of interactions among species of all types and sizes: Did you know that tiny bees are responsible for carrying out the pollination of numerous plants, including many of the largest trees? Without their ceaseless work, those trees would be unable to reproduce and the forest would disappear.

Based on this, Green Earth Gardens® is carrying out a conservation initiative with the local community that pays attention not only to the recovery of forest through reforestation, but also to the preservation of stingless native bees that will guarantee the trees’ future reproductive success and the sustainability of the entire ecosystem. Green Earth Gardens® also promotes the sustainable, non-damaging use of forests resources. Our most successful example is the harvesting of organic rain forest honey from the Tetragonisca angustula known as the Mariola the most popular of same native stingless bees.

Carbon Capture & Storage

Through photosynthesis, the green parts of the plants use energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide (CO2), water and minerals into food, releasing oxygen as a by-product. This process has taken place daily for millions of years, transforming the planet’s atmosphere -originally richer in carbon dioxide- into its current composition, with higher levels of oxygen. During the XX century industrialization, deforestation and expansion of agriculture have liberated millions of tones of CO2 back into the atmosphere, increasing the risks of climate change and global warming.

Tropical forests have a great capacity to capture CO2 and convert it to oxygen. Available lands within Green Earth Garden’s® reserve provide us with the opportunity to use reforestation in order to Carbon Capture & Storage and mitigate global warming.


Reforestation is a concrete action at the local level, with positive global repercussions, thus representing hope for the future. It contributes to mitigate current emissions of greenhouse gases, raises public awareness about climate change issues and provides an opportunity for the participation of local communities, corporations, organizations, and individuals. In this initiative, Green Earth Gardens® works in close collaboration with strategic partners, including the San Carlos Development Corporation (CODEFORSA), EARTH University and the National Fund for Forestry Financing (FONAFIFO).